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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

Shasta Marine Transport is located in Northern California. We Pull Houseboats Out Of The Water For Customers That Need to Perform Repairs Or If They Need Insurance Inspections. Shasta Marine Transport Does Not Perform Any Repairs Or Maintenance On Houseboats But We Can Refer You To Reputable Companies That Do Houseboat Repairs & Maintenance. We Also Transport Houseboats To Storage Yards For Customers That Need To Maintain Or Repair Their Boat. We Also Transport Houseboats To Other Lakes.

What Types Of Houseboats Can Shasta Marine Transport Haul?

Our Houseboat Trailers Can Accommodate Pontoon Houseboats And Hull Houseboats Up To 100 Feet Long. Our Trailers Can Pull Out Mono Hull And W-Hull Boats. Call Or Email To Get A Quote Today.

Why Do Shipping Quotes Vary From Different Houseboat Haulers?
Things that affect the cost of a houseboat move are Permits, Mileage, Size, Weight, Return Trips, and Carrier’s Insurance. Permits are required to travel on public roads, and the cost of permits are dependent on the route traveled. Mileage is calculated possibly both ways, if there is no load on the return trip. Size and Weight determine whether a Pilot service vehicle is required to escort the load. Larger houseboats require extra pilot vehicles and possibly a CHP escort. Trip & Cargo Insurance is a cost that reputable companies have to absorb.

Why Should You Use A Licensed And Insured Houseboat Mover?
Remember that you get what you pay for and make sure you choose a good hauler with extensive experience in the transport of houseboats and the proper credentials in order to do it right the first time! A smooth and flawless houseboat transport experience is our goal.

What Should You Know About Preparing a Houseboat For Safe Transport?
Generally, all loose items should be secured in and out of the cabin of your houseboat. The cabinet doors should be secured in case dishes, etc. shift during move. All doors and windows should be shut and locked. The Shasta Marine Transport crew will advise you about anything extra that should be done prior to transport.


Shasta Marine Transport has been transporting houseboats for almost 20 years.

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